Who we are

Cross Integration is a leading ELV systems integrator in U.A.E specializing in audiovisual technology solutions, home automation systems, turnkey home cinema construction, Pro-AV systems, information technology, broadcast and hospitality management solutions. Our system solutions use cost-efficient and advanced technology components to provide quality customized systems integration services. The company’s major focus is designing, installing, testing, operating and maintaining integrated system solutions for a wide variety of environments, including residential, comericial, government and educational institutions, healthcare organizations and corporate clients such as hotels, retailers, and organizations in various sectors. With a unique combination of technical knowledge and innovation.


13 years ago we have formed home automation business in India & Qatar working with the most prestigious projects and clients. Completed 500+ very highest quality design and installation and then established Cross Integration in Dubai. We are specialising in high-end residential home automation installations and home cinema construction.

Home Automation is simply using a control system to control anything electrical in the home. We commonly control devices for home entertainment, bespoke security and mood lighting but have done things as diverse as irrigation systems, fire pits and car lifts! A Home Automation system can aid convenience and save energy – the larger the house the greater the justification for a bespoke system. A central processor sits over the top of electrical sub systems in the house and ensures they work in harmony creating the perfect environment in the home.

  • Home Entertainment is by far the most popular system we integrate – Music and TV around the home with every room connected.
  • Whole Home Lighting Control allows us to show the home off at its best whilst adding warmth and ambience.
  • Heating/Cooling Controls allow you to save energy and add convenience – ensure your home is warm/cool when you need it!
  • To perform the above we use a few basic elements – a central processor (the brain), user interfaces (touch panels or remote controls) and control interfaces (infrared, serial or Ethernet). The brain communicates with devices in response to a press on a user interface, a timed event or some other external stimuli (night fall, temperature, motion etc). Our larger systems contain multiple processors which communicate between themselves – so audio video processors talk to lighting processors and heating processors ensuring redundancy, efficiency and scalability.

    This is incredibly difficult to answer! Each project is bespoke and every client is different. Our usual process is to get a brief from the client and plans of the home, we can then work out an initial approach (with costs) which we can then run through with the client. It’s important to note that the cost of a system can vary by as much as 50% simply due to the quality of speaker systems, number of lighting channels etc – this gives us huge amounts of flexibility to meet a clients budget requirements.

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